CAMPING IN THE FOREST - Far from the maddening crowd

Far from the maddening crowd

Camping in the Forest was a relatively small tent in a very big field. It wanted to increase bookings. Survey-backed thought provoking content revealed we visit the countryside less than 3 times a year and when do, we head straight for the pub, not to mention our poor knowledge of nature and the great outdoors.

Supported by TV celeb Chris Packham, we flooded all channels – TV, radio, digital, traditional and social media – hitting media and online KPIs. Social sharing content was created with hashtags allowing campers to share their #campfies (camping selfies), #campscapes and #wildlifewonder shots with a community that needed persuading to get camping! This, combined with a clever piece of engaging content, ‘Harry the Hedgehog Goes Camping’, (a story writing competition for kids) connected with tons of young families. And good content leads to good growth – Spring Bank Holiday bookings up by 12%, August Bank holiday sales by 14.5%. Job done.

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