HONEYWELL - Smart Homes of the Future

Smart homes of the future

With the evolution of smarter, connected heating controls – and with it a host of new competitors – leading UK manufacturer, Honeywell, wanted to cement its place at the top of the market: the expert, the provider of the best technology, the brand installers should turn to. A white paper, ‘the smart home of the future’, showcased the potential, what consumers wanted, and what was required of installers now and in the future.

Debated in industry roundtables, live Q&As, twitter and LinkedIn discussion, as well as guest blogs and downloads – all underpinned with media coverage aplenty – lead to much success. A doubling of sales, a major new national contract, 10,000 downloads, 4,000 newly trained smart installers and reference to the white paper on influential sites such as EST, DECC and trade body BEAMA.

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