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Creating binge-worthy content

I’ll just come out and say it – I’m a binger. You name it, books, new Netflix series, a bag of crisps… I’m going to consume it all in one sitting and enjoy every morsel. And, although what’s deemed binge-worthy can be subjective, the reason why is typically the same – high-quality, entertaining, relatable, and always deliciously consumable.

So, how can you create that same level of binge-worthy content that your clients’ prospects and customers won’t be able to get enough of?

The issue is that we often fall into the trap of thinking about our content in terms of volume instead of engagement. The more content we churn out the more eyeballs and interest we will get, right? Wrong! In fact, that mindset can actually result in lower-quality, purposeless content that will ultimately hurt rather than help.

You need to stop force-feeding your audience with volume and start creating material that they will want to consume. Here are our five tips to forging content that can reach that oh-so prized binge-worthy status…

Who are you creating the content for?

First and foremost, it is important to identify and understand who you are trying to reach before creating any content. Your average Joe is not going to take the time to read a 1,000-word article on why they should service their boiler; and a director of an engineering company is going to be far more interested in the more technical bits and bobs, like how they can improve upon the efficiency of their factory processes. Knowing the audience will enable you to create content that they will want to ingest.

Lay off the technobabble

People tend to use buzzwords and jargon to prove relevance. However, when not used convincingly and in the right context it can have a negative impact on the quality of your content. More often than not, simple and concise language that is easily digestible will go a long way.

Go one step further

It’s not about creating one fascinating whitepaper and then you’re done. Think of content creation in terms of building a well-rounded campaign that incorporates a variety of long – and short – form content. A social media schedule, feature article, factsheet and blog post – all focussed around a common, core theme – can all be rolled out together in order to create a bigger impact than, say, just firing out the standard press release.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Creating binge-worthy content is not always about creating something from scratch. Maybe you organised a roundtable that had a lot of attendees and engagement – this can become the foundation for additional content down the road. Review your content library and see if there are existing items that can be upcycled in new and better ways.

Solicit consumption

Avoid creating a piece of content, sticking it on your client’s website and waiting for people to find it. Proactively promote and encourage engagement through such tactics as adding share buttons to blog posts, promoting content organically and through paid boosts on social, and creating e-shots. The list is endless.

As PRs, we may not be the creators of the next big BBC series, but we can surely create valuable content that our clients’ prospects and customers will want to consume and that will actually deliver value. You may be surprised about what different audiences deem binge-worthy, but it is important information to consider for the ongoing success of your overall content plan.

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