On May 11th 2017, Aisling B wrote:

Cultivate to motivate! An ode to the working environment

Ah, the office. An environment which we spend five days a week in for (at least) seven and a half hours in a day and which can easily make or break the entire atmosphere of the workforce. Having an attractive and lively space can boost productivity and create a happy environment that a team look forward to coming into each day, so it’s important to give the foundations that support your business a little TLC – literally!

Now, if you’re reading this and are thinking ‘we don’t have enough money to change our entire office’ – think again! A few simple changes to interiors – a lick of paint (make it bold!) or hanging up a few prints – can instantly lift a room. Make the prints quirky – one for each employee that highlights a particular trait or encompasses the company’s personality will add a touch of team spirit to your office.

Having dedicated spaces as break out areas can give employees a place to chill out and switch off during their lunch break. After all, PR is stressful at times and having somewhere to chat with colleagues and enjoy a spot of lunch can make the world of difference. In fact, research shows that eating at your desk demotes productivity, so if there’s ever a reason to create that space, this is it!

Meeting rooms and waiting areas are also important to maintain as these will be used by both the team and clients. Therefore, making these areas client friendly is particularly important. Why not hang some hero pieces of coverage to promote how friggin’ amazing your team is? If your agency runs an employee of the month scheme that display a photo of that team member in reception.

Creating a sociable and fun atmosphere is key to cultivating a happy working environment.  An easy way to do this is by creating a work playlist on Spotify. Everyone can get involved and it can certainly tell you a little something about your work colleagues that you never knew!

And finally, socials! Everyone loves a night out, and, let’s face it, after all the hours you have inevitably worked, you deserve a cheeky few drinks! Even having a quarterly social pencilled in, like we do here at Bright, is enough to keep team morale up and the competitive juices flowing. Discuss ideas early on to make sure enough time can go into planning to make it as spectacular and memorable as it should be!

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