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Lights, camera, action!


Whilst optimised press releases, case studies and white papers are great forms of online content, creating video content can dramatically change the way your target audience talks about your brand. Video is now more accessible than ever before, with social media outlets event tailoring their feeds to better integrate video and animation. We’ve pulled together some of our top tips for brands looking to create engaging video content:

Short and sweet

One of the reasons that many people enjoy, and interact frequently with video is because it enables them to consume information quickly and without much effort. Don’t fall into the trap of spending countless hours creating a video that will simply be skipped over. Recent research by Facebook  reveals that 67% of users preferred videos under 10 minutes, with 54% of millennials admitting to watching several videos in a row without even realising they’re doing so. With shorter attention spans contributing to the rise of online video, consumption of short-form video is rising at an even higher rate. Therefore, video content needs to relay brand messaging and key points at the very beginning to the have the largest impact on your audience.

Play with platforms

Brands who want to incite action and brand loyalty should consider posting more clips across all their platforms. Video is an opportunity to promote branded content that is both entertaining and engaging, so the easier you make it for your audience to share, the more people your video will reach. Think your website and microsites as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – the possibilities are endless.

Make it mobile

Video and mobile go hand in hand. Unsurprisingly, smartphones are now rivalling desktops as the screen choice for users, with 54% of adults watching online video more now than they did a year ago, and a whopping 52% now watching videos on their phones daily. With more and more people dependant on their smartphones and consuming content on the go, making sure you create a video that can be viewed across a variety of devices is key.

Teamwork makes the dream work

If you want a professional looking video, get a video production company involved that can give you the best possible audio and footage to work with. You’ll even get a whole heap of content for ‘behind the scenes’ style exclusives that can be used as well.


All businesses should by now be creating content using video, the evidence is undeniable. It is engaging, interesting, more memorable, and highly measurable and will increase your social and SEO rankings. Video content is only going to keep increasing so make sure you don’t get left behind!

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