On April 20th 2017, Joyce Y wrote:

Music to my ears

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Having listened to our office’s carefully-curated Spotify playlist this week, I couldn’t agree more with this motto.

Ok, when I say ‘curated’, the playlist simply featured tracks hand-picked by each of us at Bright HQ. Nevertheless, the selection has been quite an educational experience. I’ve been surprised by my chocaholic colleague’s preference for gritty urban tunes, in complete contrast to her fondness for much sweeter tastes. Another colleague left me speechless with her word-perfect rapping to Eminem. But most of all, this week’s office aural actions have helped me to get to know my colleagues better.

The atmosphere here at Bright is always upbeat, underpinned by a friendly and inclusive culture. But in a busy office where we are beavering away to produce engaging content and secure as much quality coverage on as many platforms as possible on behalf of clients, it is not always easy to take the time out to gel as a team. By doing something as simple as sharing each other’s music tastes, it’s automatically encouraged office interaction and further boosted office morale, thereby helping to cement relationships.

What’s more, the eclectic mix of tracks has helped us to stay calm, relaxed and focused on our work. Don’t just take my word for it. According to research conducted by Mindlab International, listening to music at work boosts mental activity and can improve performance. The report concluded that pop music was the best genre when working to deadlines, dance music when proof-reading and problem-solving, and classical music if attention to detail is required. Our work here involves all of these tasks on a daily basis, so not only did Eminem reveal my colleague’s rapping talents, but also, perhaps without me realising, helped me to meet that unexpected request within a short space of time.  Admittedly, our playlist is currently short of classical pieces. Maybe I can contribute here and finally put my degree in music from many moons ago into good use. Beethoven – let’s turn up the bass and rock this joint!

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